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Every child has a
little genius inside.

What charity is all about.

A better life for children can mean so many things. A pattern we’ve consistently seen, however, is the prosperity that a quality education can bring upon a child’s upbringing. We wish to provide the future doctors, lawyers, and authors of the world the chance to not only succeed, but excel.

We need to
work together.

Like the world-changers who support our organization, we are focused on making a long-term impact by helping kids living in poverty. We have a bold vision: educating healthy, educated and empowered children. The students supported by our programs face major barriers to accessing education; many are orphaned, living in extreme poverty or dealing with other difficult family circumstances.

key outcomes

What makes us diferent?

Targeted approach

We have partnerships with local, well-respected non-profits in all targeted areas, ensuring that all children are given Genius In Need resources by officials who understand the surrounding culture, heritage, and language, along with the specific needs of each and every child.


We track measurable progress with a research agency to prove we’re making a real impact on our kids. We also hold community dinners and events to brainstorm ideas of how best to distribute & allocate funds.


Programs change by age and country to ensure that our kids graduate healthy, educated, and empowered. Our partners are constantly in contact with us and our mission in hopes to effectively target those most in need. 

Aditya Sehgal

“Witnessing the children we serve blossom into the best version of themselves has been a tremendous pleasure. Join us on our journey to bridge the global gap in education. Speak up. Get involved. Make a difference.”


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We help more than 5k children every year